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How Long is this remodel going to take?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Most people have heard stories of long and painful remodel projects that never seem to end. With that said, one should enter into a remodel with a realistic idea of a time frame.

In the era of HGTV style home shows, renovations can appear to happen at lighting speed and be completed in a matter of days. In reality, most projects will normally take weeks if not several months for a larger and more complicated project. On average we see most full bathroom remodels ranging from 4-8 weeks from the time of demolition to the completion of the last few details. This assumes there are no major delays in material or other unforeseen issues.

A kitchen is a bit more of a complex undertaking. You should safely assume 2-3 months from start to finish on a typical kitchen remodel.

Both the bathroom and the kitchen time estimates assume a total gut of the space down to the building studs. Projects not as involved as that can take significantly less time than quoted above.

I hope this provides a useful amount of information when you plan your next project!

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