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Creating Your Own Bath Sanctuary

These days the options available in the bath can be simply overwhelming. Air bath? Whirlpool? Steam shower? What elements are right for you? The answer depends on how you use your bath. If you prefer a long hot soak and a good book the Amalfi soaking tub by Victoria & Albert may be right for you.

If you prefer a massage therapy as you bath you may want to consider an air bath or whirlpool. Air baths work by blowing heated air through many small holes in the bottom of the tub. The massage can be vigorous and thoroughly relaxing. Splurge on the Geysair option by Bain Ultra which incorporates humidity into the hot air making the bubbles feel even warmer against the skin.

Whirlpools provide you with a swirling current of warm water while providing jets for pressure point massage. Whirlpools in general move more water around you while also allowing you to position yourself in just the right spot for a jet massage. Splurge on an inline heater for your whirlpool. The heater will help you maintain a warm bath whether you soak for 5 minutes or 50 by re-heating the water as it runs through the jets.

If Jets are not your thing, the SOK heater by Americh can maintain the temperature in your bath with no whirlpool system required. A simple push of the button allows for a gentle recirculation of cooled water out of the tub and warm water back in.

For a uniquely luxurious experience in the shower consider a Steam Bath. Steam units fill your shower area with warm and relaxing steam. The steam systems also allow for the use of aromatic oils, Chroma therapy LED lights and even music& video through Bluetooth connected systems on their touch control screen. The Thermasol wellness packages allow for all of the above as well as full control of the system from your mobile device. Finish your daily activities and turn on the steam bath from your phone prior to retreating to your bathroom. The steam will be on and at your desired temperature when you arrive.

For more information on these or other bath questions contact Style Bath & Kitchen.

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