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Things to consider in your next shower design.

Picking the right set for your next shower means understanding the basic terminology used in the bath.

Thermostatic vs Pressure Balance

All new showers(tub/showers) are at a minimum pressure balance. This means you can shower without worrying about scalding yourself or being splashed with icy water when someone inadvertently flushes a toilet in the house. The controller adjusts the pressure between the hot and cold water to maintain a uniform temperature. The only drawback with this system is that you can not adjust the volume of the water coming out. It's all on or off.

Thermostatic systems work similar to what is described above along with the addition of volume control. You can typically set the exact temperature(say 104 degrees) and adjust the amount of water flowing from the tub or shower. You can have the water flow at a trickle, half way or full force.

Thermostatic is a little bit more expensive up front. However, it is a great option for someone with small children, pets, and or simply someone who wants to conserve water between shaving, condition hair, etc.

We at Style usually start with a thermostatic option as the base and move up or down from there as we believe you will enjoy the thermostatic option when you try it.


Axor Thermostatic Shower

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